Neutralize Medications On Site

NarcX™ offers the safest and most convenient option for the disposal of medications, including controlled and non-controlled substances such as narcotics, opiates, amphetamines and prescription drugs.

Our unique and patent-pending product, NarcX™, is the ONLY liquid solution that immediately renders tablets and capsules non-retrievable—and the only on-site method of medication destruction that is DEA compliant.

  • On-site  Compounds are neutralized on site, eliminating the need for incineration

  • Non-retrievable  Tablets and capsules begin to dissolve immediately and become fully neutralized in under 2 hours

  • Deterrent – Medications are indiscernible and indigestible in the solution to discourage tampering

  • Convenient – Products are easy to use and come in multiple sizes to meet a variety of needs

  • Affordable – Our disposal method is the most cost-efficient way to discard of unused, unwanted or expired drugs

  • Compliant – NarcX is the only liquid solution that meets DEA policy and the Federal Code of Regulations

  • Eco-Friendly – Our products are environmentally safe, meaning you can toss depleted solution right into the trash

Learn how NarcX can offer your organization significant savings over other methods of medication disposal.

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How It Works

The proprietary blend of ingredients in NarcX dissolves tablets, capsules and liquids to make them immediately non-retrievable and indigestible.

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Our Products

Our solution is the only liquid that is in full compliance with DEA policy and the Code of Federal Regulations for non-retrievable medication disposal.

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Abuse of controlled substances is the fastest-growing epidemic. We’ve compiled resources to help you become an advocate against diversion.

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Testing Analysis

Our solution has been verified by a third-party DEA-registered laboratory to effectively dissolve and neutralize all drug compounds in under 2 hours.

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NarcX Co-Founder Featured on 60 Minutes

“The timely and compliant on-site destruction of unwanted, unused or expired controlled and non-controlled substances is essential to combating the opioid epidemic. Diversion of prescription drugs is killing thousands of individuals in every city in America, every year, and it has to stop. This solution will change the medication addiction landscape forever.”

DAVID SCHILLER, Former DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge, NarcX Co-Founder

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NarcX™ is a proud Corporate Partner of the Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies (ASCIA)

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