Why You Need NarcX®

Every day hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and other healthcare facilities are facing drug diversion. Every day, communities, families, employees, and other individuals are facing the battles of addiction and deaths by overdoses. It is time that individuals and companies take this epidemic seriously and help to put an end to it. The opioid epidemic prompted Rx Disposal to do something big, and that is why we created our NarcX® solution. We are here to tell you why NarcX® should be your next step to being part of the solution.


Our NarcX® solution offers the safest and most convenient option for the disposal of medications, including controlled and non-controlled substances such as narcotics, opiates, amphetamines and prescription drugs. NarcX® eliminates the need for incineration, allowing you to dispose of medication right on site.


Our NarcX® solution comes in a variety of different sizes. This allows you to order as large or as small of a size as you need. Each bottle and drum is made from heavy-gauge plastic, with a wide opening for the easy disposal of tablets and capsules. The fill line indicates when the disposal capacity has been reached and when the bottle needs to be replaced; conveniently, NarcX® is ecofriendly and can be properly and safely disposed of in the trash when you are finished or returned to an authorized third-party vendor. All products are clearly labeled for user safety, allowing your employees, or those you authorize within your household, to easily and safely use the product for its intended purpose.


Along with the convenience of coming in a variety of different sizes, our products are easy and safe to use right on site. Because compounds can be neutralized right on site, you don’t have to worry about holding medications while they await transport to incineration and the cost that comes with it. It is the most cost-efficient way to discard of unused, unwanted, or expired drugs.


Not only do you not have to hold medications while they await transport, but tablets and capsules begin to dissolve immediately and become fully neutralized in under just two hours. Medications are also indiscernible and indigestible in the solution to discourage tampering, as well as a colored dye that will show up on anyone who attempts to tamper with the already disposed of medications.


Rx Disposal created NarcX® to end the opioid epidemic. We knew that something needed to be done, and we have made sure that our solution is DEA compliant and meets the Federal Code of Regulations. We have also made sure that all people can have access to our product. If you are ready to become part of the solution to end the opioid epidemic, your next step should be to get NarcX® for your home or healthcare facility. Don’t let drug diversion or drug addiction be a part of your home or healthcare facility anymore. Save time, money, and lives with NarcX® (303) 434-1630.

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