An Advocate Against Drug Diversion

NarcX™ was founded to combat the diversion of narcotics, amphetamines, opiates and other frequently-abused controlled substances and to provide a convenient and affordable disposal option for unused, unwanted or expired tablets, capsules and liquid medications.

Our environmentally-safe, patent-pending NarcX™ solution is the ONLY available DEA-compliant liquid option for on-site medication destruction.

Medical & Community Partners

Our Mission

NarcX is a cause-driven organization working with medical practitioners and community partners who are drug diversion advocates in their own rights. We provide solutions to hospitals, pharmacies, medical practices, law enforcement agencies, government or tribal agencies and other public-facing organizations that care about protecting their local communities from the impacts of improperly disposed-of and improperly used medications.

Through our educational programs and resources, we provide support to medical personnel, fire and police departments and other health service organizations in their efforts to become compliant with DEA policy and the Code of Federal Regulations for medication disposal and destruction.

Law Enforcement

NarcX Helps Solve Diversion Issues.

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