Medication Disposal Products

NarcX® provides a solution for every need. Our industry-leading product meets the Code of Federal Regulations for on-site medication disposal and offers many critical features for the safe and convenient destruction of medical waste.*

Tamper Resistant

A tamper-resistant cap is provided with each bottle or drum to seal the solution once it has been fully depleted

Convenient Disposal

Depleted solution can be easily discarded in the trash or returned through one of our authorized third-party vendors*

Clear Labeling

All products are clearly labeled for user safety, making it simple to understand

User Friendly

Bottles and drums are made from heavy-gauge plastic with a wide opening for easy disposal of tablets and capsules

Easy to Use

The fill line indicates when the disposal capacity has been reached and the bottle needs to be replaced


Compounds are neutralized on site, eliminating the need for incineration 

NarcX® – 16 Ounce

~200 pills

Our most portable NarcX® product, the 16-ounce bottle, allows you to quickly and easily dispose of a low volume of pills. It’s small enough to transport in a medical kit—and then toss in the trash when it’s full. This size is ideal for pharmacies and hospitals to hand out after prescriptions are filled. Great for in home disposal. 

NarcX® – 32 Ounce

~ 500 pills 

Our most portable NarcX® product, the 32-ounce bottle, allows you to quickly and easily dispose of a low volume of pills. It’s small enough to transport in a medical kit—and then toss in the trash when it’s full.


NarcX® – 64 Ounce

~1,000 pills

Recommended for use in medical offices and low-volume pharmacies, our 64-ounce bottle offers a great entry point for medical providers who have occasional need of easy and convenient medication disposal.

NarcX® – 1 Gallon

~2,000 pills

The NarcX® one-gallon bottle can be placed in every exam room, making disposal convenient for both medical practitioners and patients. It’s also an ideal size for emergency response services, hospice providers and rehabilitation or assisted living centers.

NarcX® – 5 Gallon

~10,000 pills

Our portable five-gallon NarcX® solution is perfect for use in medical office reception areas or exam rooms and for outpatient facilities such as pain management clinics, urgent care facilities and small to mid-sized pharmacies.

NarcX® – 30 Gallon

~60,000 pills / Contact us for pricing

Our 30-gallon NarcX® half-drum is just right for use in hospitals, emergency rooms, inpatient and outpatient surgical centers, high-volume pharmacies, urgent care facilities, military facilities, law enforcement agencies and even cruise ships. It’s easily transportable for use by government or tribal agencies in their ongoing community take-back programs.

NarcX® – 55 Gallon

~110,000 pills / Contact us for pricing

For robust collection needs, our 55-gallon NarcX® drum meets the demands of high-intake hospitals, military facilities, law enforcement agencies, DEA-registered reverse distributors and government or tribal take-back programs for disposal of collected and warehoused narcotics, opiates or amphetamines awaiting an affordable, mass disposal solution.

*Your local waste management company can provide information about alternate disposal options that follow DEA medication prescription drug disposal policy. NarcX® products do not require incineration or pickup by a DEA reverse distributor. All product sizes are based on depleted volume.

Partner with NarcX®

Becoming an NarcX® partner is easy and convenient. Your initial order will drop-ship within 15-30 days. For recurring orders, we encourage participation in our auto-ship program to ensure you have product on hand to replenish a depleted container. Auto-ship is also a cost-effective way to order our products since you’ll automatically benefit from our volume discounts.

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