NarcX Solution

Eliminate diversion on site and at a fraction of the cost with NarcX™. Our patent-pending solution eliminates the need for incineration, making it the most affordable, convenient and effective option for medication disposal.*

NarcX is the only liquid solution and on-site disposal option that meets DEA policy and the Code of Federal Regulations.

*Subject to government, county, municipality and/or tribal laws


The Science of NarcX

NarcX has been designed to quickly and effectively break down controlled and non-controlled substances, including amphetamines and opiates. A proprietary blend of ingredients allows even coated time-release capsules to quickly disintegrate and become neutralized in the solution.

  • Tablets, capsules and liquids are dissolved on contact

  • Indigestible properties prevent any attempt at abuse

  • Compounds are fully neutralized in under 2 hours

Medication Destruction

Appropriate Use of NarcX

NarcX is effective for destruction of all narcotic and non-narcotic substances, including amphetamines, opiates and non-opiate medications. NarcX is only approved for medication disposal, as natural agents in the solution make it indigestible and will cause immediate vomiting. NarcX is not intended for collection of insoluble substances such as needles and is not currently effective or recommended for disposal of medication patches such as Fentanyl or Butrans.

Liquid Solution

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